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Elevate customer experiences and supercharge business performance with copyright-free soundscapes shaped by AI. Say goodbye to royalty-free music limitations and embrace a new era of captivating and immersive atmospheres.


About us

Who are we and how did we start?

AI Sound Engineer began as a joint venture between Josep Garces, Anish Mantri, and Evren Pamir to address the pressing need for innovative and copyright-free solutions in the realm of background music. Drawing on their collective expertise in music, technology, and entrepreneurship, the founders embarked on a mission to transform the way businesses engage with their customers through sound.

Recognizing the limitations and challenges faced by businesses in finding suitable and legal music options, the team harnessed the power of AI to develop an intelligent platform that generates captivating soundscapes tailored to each unique business environment. With AI Sound Engineer, businesses can effortlessly curate immersive and personalized music experiences that influence customer behavior and optimize their overall performance.

Driven by a shared passion for creating exceptional customer experiences, the founders built AI Sound Engineer on the principles of innovation, quality, and user-centric design. Through continuous advancements in AI technology and an unlimited library of original compositions, they are empowering businesses to shape customer perceptions and drive meaningful connections.

With AI Sound Engineer, businesses can say goodbye to the limitations of traditional playlists and embrace a new era of unlimited creativity and impact. Join us as we redefine the landscape of background music and unlock the true potential of sonic experiences for businesses worldwide.


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Jennifer Pineapple Graphic designer

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John Lemon Brand manager

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Our website is under construction but we are ready to go! You can call us or leave a request here. We are always glad to see you in our office from 9:00 to 18:00.


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New York, NY

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